Friday, September 29, 2017

GENIUS Storage for Awkward Bath Wall Spaces

GENIUS Storage for Awkward Bath Wall Spaces You know that skinny, empty bit of wall or floor in the bathroom? Plump up its storage capacity with these three quick and easy setups.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bedroom Furniture That Gives Your Space Personality and Comfort

When it comes to your private space, you want to have the best furnishings that provide storage and add personal style to your room. This is the bedroom furniture you need to make this space your favorite area of your home.


Portable fireplaces offer charm and whimsy and are perfect for relaxing with after a long day. Install one at the end of your bed so you can take advantage of the heat and light in your room. Whether you are doing paperwork for your job or reading a book, this addition makes you feel like you are living in luxury.


Consider adding wall sconces to brighten up a smaller space and give it grandeur. If you want to make your area appear brighter, recessed lighting along your closet and around your bedroom furniture will work. You can install decorative light fixture covers that match your home's décor.

Chest and Drawers

A matching chest and dresser set in deep natural wood, such as maple or walnut, are pieces of bedroom furniture that will last you for decades and work with any type of decor. If you have modern furnishings, these pieces will blend well. They also work with classic styles, such as wood floors with white walls. You can choose a plain finish that shows off the natural wood grain or pick one that has ornate etchings in pretty designs, such as floral patterns or trendy geometric patterns that match your personal taste best.


There are many reasons to add a table to your decor. A table breaks up a large, empty space. For smaller areas, it adds fine storage. Choose a table that is low to the ground, preferably level to your bed, so you can place clothing and work attire on it. You can also use your table for reading, placing candles or bedside lamps on, or to display decorative throw pillows for a homey appeal. This bedroom furniture is uncommon in many private areas but has many benefits that you can employ.


A shag rug, mosaic lamp, and large detailed mirror add that final touch of pizazz to any room that is lacking bedroom furniture with personality. You can mix and match these things to make your space match you in many ways.

Whether you want to upgrade your private space or want to feel cozier and comfortable in your room, your options are endless.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Interior Decorating Tips with Bright Color Scheme

Follow these decorating tips by using a split-complimentary color scheme from the color wheel. To do decorate using this paint color combination, choose one color and then add in its compliment and a color near its compliment on the color wheel.

This paint color combination creates high contrast that is less intense than a true complimentary design. First, choose a palette. The paint colors can be different shades of the three colors chosen, to soften the look of the room. Tie all color ideas together with patterns textures and solid colors placed throughout the room. A split-complimentary color scheme creates a room full of energy and the color combinations are endless!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Best Design Investments

H&H’s Lynda Reeves and Beth Hitchcock debate their favorite ways to invest money in a home for maximum impact. Whether it’s upgrading your kitchen and bathroom, customizing a space with indoor-outdoor NanaWalls or bespoke cabinetry, these luxurious design moves deliver big impact and stand the test of time. While we always share great ways to save on interiors, Lynda and Beth’s favorite designer spaces prove that the right decorating investments are worth spending on.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Interior Decorating with a Yellow Color Scheme

Decorating with a group of similar color is called an analogous color scheme. It offers a way to create a vibrant space while sticking to a specific family of colors. The dynamic analogous color scheme begins with one color and adds in those next to it on the color wheel.

When using analogous colors, ground the space by keeping large pieces of furniture the same color and free of pattern and texture -- this gives the room a solid background.

Next, bring in one eye-catching pattern in another color from the scheme. Then, use neighboring colors from the color wheel punch up the scheme -- these can be used in throw pillows, shades, rugs and artwork.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to Mix Fabric Patterns Like a Pro!

When it comes to mixing fabric patterns people can quickly become overwhelmed. This video will give you concise tips for mixing fabric patterns like a pro.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Interior Decorating Tips with a Purple Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme consists of varying shades in one hue. Imagine a strip of paint colors and how the shades vary on one strip -- these shades are monochromatic.

A one-color scheme room is far from boring when you add a range of intensities. Create a base with a wall color and use large furniture to ground the base color. To keep a monochromatic palette interesting, add patterns and textures. This could mean glossy lamps, embroidered, textured and patterned pillows in a variety of hues. This gives the eye a break from solid color.

To create more places for the eye to rest, use neutrals. This will tie everything in the room together. With plenty of texture and pattern, and a combination of color intensities, a monochromatic color scheme plays out vibrantly all while relying on a single color.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Coffee Tables: Why We Need Them and How To Choose One

Coffee tables have been around since the Victorian Era. Meaning they have been around for about 1000 years. They have played many roles throughout the years and will continue to do such. They have been used as centerpieces in homes, places over which important conversations have taken place, home to snacks during important sporting events, areas where families come to gather together. They have been made out many materials like wood, metal, glass, plastic, and many other things.

Coffee tables are an essential part of any home décor style. We need them for their practical purpose just as much as we need them for their decor purposes. They are normally placed in the center of the living or family room over a rug or just on the ground. The coffee table is meant to compliment your sofas, rugs, wall décor and paint by tying them all together as the finishing touch to any home.

They are also made to serve a practical purpose. If you plan on having one in your family room then it will most likely be the place to put your feet when having a conversation or watching a movie. It can be a place to play a card game or board game with your kids. A place to have snacks and drink during games and movies. Or maybe a place where your kids can get homework done and store their school supplies. When placed in a living room it can serve the purpose of holding décor items or maybe hold the occasional beverage while conversing with friends and guests. No matter where you place it will serve a great purpose.

There are many questions to think about when choosing a coffee table because you definitely want the right one for your home. First, ask yourself where you will be placing it and what it will be used for. If it will be experiencing a lot of wear and tear don't go with glass unless you want the possibilities of scratches and a possible broken top. Instead, go with metal or wood as they are more durable.

Second, what shape and size do you want? Do you want a rectangular, circular, oval, or square table? If being placed in front of a sectional couch a square table is better. If you have younger kids a circular table is safer because it doesn't have sharp edges. Whereas a rectangular or oval table is great to be placed in front of any type of couch.

Lastly, you need to think of your décor style. Be sure to choose a table that complements your furniture and décor you already have in your house. Make it feel like an extension of what you already have, not an odd piece that sticks out (unless that is your décor style).

Enjoy a coffee table in your home and have fun while choosing one. It doesn't have to be hard, it just has to be done right. With these steps you now have, choosing your next coffee table will be a breeze. And don't forget to make memories over your new furniture addition!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Interior Decorating Tips with Neutral Color Scheme

Decorating a room in neutral colors doesn't have to be boring. Here are a few room decorating ideas using neutral colors! Neutrals aren't just gray, black, white or beige - they can also be muted colors from the color wheel.

You can decorate a room using different paint color combintations of neutral colors. Using muted colors in differing patterns and intensities adds dimension to a room. With other color schemes, balance the main color with contrasting hues.

A single pattern featuring all the hues will tie everything together. A neutral room relies on the same principles as colorful rooms. Use neutrals you love, balance cool neutrals with warm neutrals, add in pattern and you'll be well on your way to a beautiful neutral room.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How to Choose Furniture for Your Home

So you bought a home and you need to furnish it. Where do you start and what do you get? Let's take a look at the options you have available to you. First we'll go through the home; there's the kitchen, living room, formal dining room, and two bedrooms. The first decision you need to make before we begin is do you want quality or quantity? Do you want quality, well-built furniture or cheap mass-produced items? The quality may cost you a bit more initially, but in the long run it will be in your best interest to invest in well-built furniture that will last a lifetime. To help you choose a well-known quality dealer in your area we will now go into some details to help you with your choices.
In the kitchen you are going to need a breakfast table and chairs. There are many options here. You can go with a casual Formica table and chairs like Mom and Dad had when you were growing up to a more formal solid wood model. The thing you need to be aware of in choosing pieces is their functionality and construction. The better the material and workmanship the longer they will last you. This is a very important piece of the puzzle to take into account, as this will more than likely not be the last home you will live in.
The next room we'll deal with is the living room. The biggest furniture decision here is the couch. Although they may all look the same, construction methods vary wildly. Make sure that whatever kind of couch you choose is constructed tightly. Some of the better, longer-lasting couches use solid wood frames with tongue and grove fittings for the joints. Many manufacturers prefer screws and glue for the joints; both methods are acceptable. Remember the better the construction the longer the piece will last. If you have a formal dining room in your new home and need a formal dining table, that same advice goes for your dining table. Solid wood is the key here. Some formal dining tables are glass but the wood ones are extremely elegant and come in variations from solid wood like cherry and walnut to a less expensive base wood covered with veneers. Don't forget guest chairs, side tables, and lamps. The same parameters apply with these choices. See that they match or fit in with the style of your couch and guest chairs.
Next we come to the bedroom. There are endless choices for beds and end tables. They range from the traditional spring mattresses to memory foam and airbeds. This is of course a personal choice on your part but the look and feel of these fixtures should be consistent with your other choices. Many times you can tie this piece into you other choices with the headboard and end tables and lamp choices. If you have children and need new bedroom furniture for them, you can look at the current collection available at the furniture dealer you have chosen to work with. Of course choices will vary somewhat depending on whether you are buying for a boy or a girl. But the same considerations of quality and workmanship apply here as they do with your other choices.

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