Thursday, June 30, 2016

5 Tips When Shopping for New Furniture

New furniture is an excellent way to spruce up your home. A new bed of couch can not only make your home look more contemporary, stylish, or homey, it can also make you feel more comfortable and more at home in your own house. If you make a mistake when furnishing your home, it can end up haunting your for quite some time. Before making any decisions, it is important to do some planning so that you don't do anything that you might regret. Make sure that you know the furniture will fit in your home, that you can really afford it, and that it's the best deal you can get for what you need.

Take Measurements

This really is one of the most important steps. It is also a step that is so obvious that it can be easy to forget. It is not uncommon for somebody to buy a new kitchen table only to discover that it does not fit in their kitchen. Take measurements where you are going to be placing the furniture.

Figure Out Your Budget

Take an honest look at your budget before you even consider shopping. Figure out how much you can spend right now, and how much you can spend on a monthly payment. Do not exceed this amount. Be cautious with your budget as well. You never know when something unexpected might happen.

If you end up falling behind on your payments on a furnishing, you will end up paying more interest. This is especially true if you buy something on a plan that promises no interest payments. If you miss a payment on this type of plan, you will be charged incredibly high interest rates, and you will need to pay them retroactively.

Shop Around

The most important thing to do when you are looking for new furniture is to consider all of the options that are available. You can start by cutting out any options that are outside of your budget. From that point forward, visit several stores.

If you are shopping for bedding or seating, consider more than the looks. Be sure to use the furnishings in order to make sure that they are comfortable. Give them some time as well. It is not uncommon for something to feel comfortable at first, only to discover that it is actually pushing your spine out of alignment over time because it is too soft or too firm. Don't just think about how it feels against your skin, think about how much support it provides you and how it fits your body.

Similarly, it is important to take into account the quality of the materials. Will a table stand up to the test of time, or will it fall apart before you are even done paying for it? Is it build solid all the way through, or is their particle board hiding inside?

In order to fully explore your options, it is a good idea to get a second opinion. The salesmen will tell you everything in their store is perfect for you. Ask friends and acquaintances how satisfied they are with their furniture. Are they comfortable? Do they look nice? Have they stood the test of time? Has the customer service been satisfactory?

Come Prepared

Before you walk into a store, make sure that you are prepared. You must make a commitment to yourself before you enter that you won't buy anything unless you have already made your decision. It is a good idea to come prepared with a "cheat sheet" of everything you need to know, and write it down. Once you have the info, it's time to leave the store and consider your other options. Be sure to understand what your monthly payments will be, what the returns and exchanges policy is, and make sure you see it all in writing before you buy anything.

Sleep on It

Finally, once you think you have made your decision, go home and sleep on it. Your conscious mind may have made up its mind, but oftentimes your subconscious will remind you of something you might have forgotten. If you still feel the same way in the morning, buy the furnishing. You don't want to wake up after buying something only to realize that you may have made a mistake.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Arrange a Living Room

Make the most of your home's living space by learning how to arrange living room furniture smartly.

There are three things to keep in mind when arranging a living room -- flow, function and focal points. Before you start moving furniture, have a good understanding for the traffic patterns -- getting in, out and through the room.

Next, think about the function of the room. Depending on how you use the room, create cozy seating groups or orient furniture toward the television for perfect viewing.

Finally, fixed elements, or focal points, in the room like a fireplace or bay window, should be arranged around for a beautiful view. Arrange a room perfectly by reflecting on the room's features and your lifestyle. Take measurements, sketch out an arrangement and then let the moving begin!

Friday, June 24, 2016

The History of Flexsteel

In 1893, the Rolph & Ball Furniture Company was established in Minneapolis to manufacture upholstered furniture. By 1901, they sold the company to four tradesmen formerly of the nearby McCloud & Smith Furniture Company.

The four new partners were John Grau, salesman; R.F. Curtis, shipping clerk; T.J. Gorman, finisher; and Frank Bertsch, upholstery foreman. They called their new operation the Grau-Curtis Company. The company's 1903 catalog included sofas, sofa sleepers, divans, and chairs as well as hotel, lodge, lounge, and church furniture. In 1917, Frank Bertsch bought out the remaining partners’ interest in the company, and soon after, brought his son into the business. Herbert T. Bertsch was the visionary who decided to use a unique, all-riveted blue steel base spring to differentiate Grau-Curtis furniture from competitors. The new spring, developed by Swiss inventor E.W. Schlappritzi for European railroad car seating, worked so well that in 1927, the Grau-Curtis Company bought a half-interest in Schlappritzi's Minneapolis-based Sanitas Spring Company. In 1929, Grau-Curtis was reincorporated as Northome Furniture Industries, Inc.

Although the stock market crashed in 1929 and the nation spun into the Great Depression, Northome Furniture Industries, Inc. continued to manufacture and successfully sell its furniture. In 1934, the Sanitas Spring Company became the Flexsteel Spring Corporation. During this time, Northome began to guarantee the Flexsteel spring for life. Two years later, in 1936, the company moved to Dubuque, Iowa and established conveyor production lines.

The advent of the assembly line helped Northome to quadruple volume (from one million to four million units) and several large plants were added across the country to accommodate customer demands. It was also a time of firsts: a central engineering department was developed, national advertising was implemented, the design and development department was created, and the first truck of the company's fleet rolled out. In 1948, the company acquired the Flexsteel Spring Corporation (formerly the Sanitas Spring Company).

To better serve the Eastern United States, Flexsteel established a plant in Pennsylvania. That plant, now 216,000 square feet in size, is one of the top producers of fine upholstered furniture in the East. In 1958, the Harrison, Arkansas, plant was developed as a central source for frames. That same year, the company was renamed Flexsteel Industries, Inc. after its famous spring.

During the 1960s, contemporary furniture became immensely popular. Flexsteel was a style innovator and met the demands of fashionable consumers everywhere with dynamic styles and vibrant colors. Late in the 60s, Flexsteel started making the popular Flex-O-Lounger® mechanism and recliners and began gearing up to manufacturer seats for recreational vehicle seating for Winnebago Industries. The latter resulted in the creation of the Vehicle Seating Business. In 1969, Flexsteel stock was publicly traded for the first time.

The vehicle seating division continued to grow during the 1970 by developing patented sofa sleepers: the Instant Bed, Magic Bed®, and Presto Sofa Sleeper. By the end of this decade, Flexsteel was furnishing the entire seating and sleeping package for General Motor's popular motor homes. 1970 also marked Flexsteel's entry in the exposed wood chair business.

In the early 80s, Flexsteel introduced adjustable lumbar support on the popular Flexsteel recliners. In 1985, Flexsteel's Ergo Touch adjustable lumbar support system won an endorsement from the International Chiropractors Association. Additionally, reclining modular groups were introduced and the first Flexsteel Gallery store-within-a-store was established. The Commercial Seating Group was launched in 1984, serving the healthcare, hospitality and institutional markets.

Flexsteel celebrated its centennial in 1993. Introduced in 1996 was a fresh new concept in furniture retail display. The Flexsteel Comfort Gallery program showcased Flexsteel upholstered furniture within independent dealer showrooms across the country. This program has since evolved into our Flexsteel Gallery and Studio program.

In 2003, Flexsteel purchased DMI Furniture, Inc., a design, manufacturing and marketing company offering home bedroom and dining room furniture and commercial office furniture. DMI Furniture also carried a ready-to-assemble line of kitchen, dining, bedroom, home office, and outdoor products under the brand name Home Styles. From one small factory in Minneapolis to a nationwide five-plant, global sourcing network, Flexsteel is truly an American success story. This is a company with a proud history and a brilliant future.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3 Tips for First Time Furniture Shoppers

First time furniture shopping can be a ton of fun, as well as a little overwhelming. Don't let yourself walk away from a store with the wrong thing! Here are three first time furniture shopping tips.

1. What you want is not the same as what you need.

First time furniture shoppers often get a little over zealous with their planning. It's easy to do and understandably so. This is the first time you get to pick out your furniture for yourself-no hand me downs from mom and dad, so leftovers from roommates of days past-this is your change to furnish your apartment the way you want. Of course you want a sleeper sofa and a wet bar and three bookcases and a modern coffee table and a huge entertainment center and so forth-but do you really need it? A better question to ask is will it fit? Before you jump off the deep end of furniture buying make sure you actually buy the pieces you need (like a bed and desk) before you invest in the things you want (like funky free standing shelves or retro light fixtures). You'd be surprised at how little furniture it takes to fill up a room, and you don't want move-in and realize you have no space for all your new things.

2. Don't underestimate how quickly the costs will add up.

No matter how cheaply you try to make your first furniture shopping trip end up, it's always going to cost more than you thought. Even low-quality furniture can come with a hefty price tag. It's also important to consider how many times you're going to have to replace that item. A $75 coffee table might sound cheap now, but when it breaks in 6 months and you have to replace it was it really worth the savings? Sometimes spending a little bit more now can actually save you money on furniture in the long run.

If you can't afford to outfit your entire apartment in brand new furniture right now, there is nothing wrong with doing it bit by bit. Start with a great new bed or couch and build outwards. This will be less pain on your wallet but you'll still get a whole new set of great furniture with time.

3. Check it out in person.

Furniture shopping is one of those things that should be be done in person. While looking online is a great way to get a good idea of what is out there and get some inspiration, you want to actually go see your furniture options in person BEFORE you buy. Make sure that chair is comfortable, that your desk will actually fit in the space you have, that the color of the wood matches your expectations from the image online. It's better to know what you are getting ahead of time so you can make sure it's exactly what you want.

One final thing all first time furniture shoppers should consider is where/who they buy their furniture from. Make sure it's a reputable furniture manufacturer that is known for creating quality products, offers home delivery services and some kind of warranty on their products. This will help keep buyer's remorse at bay!

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

England Furniture "Us vs. Them"

See the difference in quality between England Furniture items made in America and all the others.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Are You Planning to Buy Some New Furniture?

The task of purchasing new furniture for an individual's home is oftentimes a difficult process that takes lots of time, effort, and organizing. Before you go out and begin to drop money on any furniture that happens to catch your eye, there are a few tips and rules that you must always follow in order to make your furniture transactions as smooth and simple as possible. Read on to find out what they are, and how to use them as effectively as you can.

Always make sure that the measurements that you have taken of the spot where you will be placing the new furniture are as exact as possible. Carefully and neatly write these measurements down on a piece of paper, in order for you to have them to refer to. Buying a piece of furniture that is the wrong size is incredibly annoying and inconvenient. On top of that, you have to deal with hassle of trying to return/exchange the furniture for something that fits. Aside from having the correct dimension and lengths of the space, it is also pivotal that you have which style and color in mind that will go best inside of your home. If you're not sure of what to pick, always ask a sales assistant for their opinion.

Making yourself a budget and price range is also very critical. Also, once you have set your personal budget, make sure not to go outside of it. If you do go past your spending limits, you may then end up with unwanted financial burdens. Sit down with a pen and paper, and develop a check list as well as price range for each furniture item you intend on buying. While doing this, always take into consideration how much your financial situation currently allows you to afford. Doing this task will allow you to make a proper plan for buying your furniture that will lead you to saving money.

Setup a day where your schedule is completely free, and dedicate all of it to furniture shopping. For example, deciding to go shopping at a Las Vegas furniture store before or after your work day is not a successful plan. Not only will you be incredibly tired and wishing to go home and relax, you will also have to hurry and rush because the stores will all be about to close. A better plan would be to go shopping at a Las Vegas furniture store when you have the day off work, such as a weekend or holiday. When you have the whole day to shop, you'll be able to spend more time looking at furniture, and thus be able to make better decisions.

Before you make the final decision to purchase any piece of furniture, always make sure that you have thoroughly looked at it and confirmed that there is nothing wrong with. Make sure that there are no major bumps or dents, and that it is in the condition that you are paying for. Also, if you are buying furniture that you are aware has defects, make sure that you are paying a proper price for it, and not being overcharged. Request a salesperson to order a new stock of a product if you do not wish for it to have been worn.

Always make sure that you give the piece of paper stating the measurements of your home to the salesperson. Pay careful attention in order to make sure that they select furniture that will fit properly in your house. Whenever it is convenient and possible, bring along a relative or friend in order to have some extra help. When you do this, you reap the benefits of having a trusted second opinion. Additionally, he or she may help you make the tough decision between two pieces of furniture that you cannot make a decision on.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Small Dining Room Arranging

Squeeze more out of your small dining room with these arranging tricks and furniture tips.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

New Furniture For Your Home

New furniture is a great way to change the look of your home. If you are just wanting to change the style or give your home a new feel, updating the furniture can help you achieve this. With all of the variety of styles, textures, colors, and patterns to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Consider furniture as an investment in your home.

The latest trends in furniture is towards easy maintenance. This includes beautiful furniture that is easily cleaned and cared for. Some pieces are designed with stain guard, allowing the owner to simply "wipe away" what would be a stain. Other fabrics may not have stain guard but are made of durable material that can easily be cleaned without wear and tear. This is great for those who may have children or indoor pets.

Versatility and practicality is another great feature of the modern furniture of today. Many furniture pieces are designed with not only style in mind, but with storage capabilities. Unlike the older style futons and foot stools, furniture pieces that double as storage are much more stylish. Just because an individual is cramped for space does not mean that they can not have elegant furniture that will help fulfill storage needs.

Cost is also a very important factor when purchasing furniture. Although some furniture is relatively expensive, the savvy shopper may be able to save. Typically, buying several pieces at the same time will save a significant amount of money. If all else fails, look around. Beautiful furniture does not have to be expensive.

The right furniture can give your space a complete overhaul. Make sure to take into consideration your budget, lifestyle, and needs before purchasing your new furniture. If you don't find what your looking for, don't settle. Eventually, you are sure to find a piece that you will love.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Tips for Arranging a Great Room

When your kitchen, dining room, and living space are all in one open floor plan, arranging the furniture can be tricky. These tips make it easy.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lane Recliner Features- Reclining Mechanism

What makes a Quality Recliner? In this video Lane shows what it takes to develop a recliner that is build to last. Lane sets the benchmark in Recliners for quality, durability and ease of use. Build with steel Mechanisms, Lane Recliners are built to provide years of stability.