Monday, October 31, 2016

How to Decorate with Mirrors

This video is all about The Magic of Mirrors! Decorating with mirrors can transform a room. You will learn practical tips and tricks when hanging mirrors.

Friday, October 28, 2016

3 Tricks to Instantly Brighten a Dark Room

Don’t get left in the dark with a room that falls short on sunlight. Our three simple solutions for brightening a room will have your space sunnier in no time.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to Accessorize with Color

When you have a neutral room the sky is the limit when it comes to accessorizing with color! The key is to make sure the accent color is used in the room at least three times. The accent color could be in pillows, a throw, art work, vases etc. Keep in mind that when grouping accessories - group in odd numbers. Group tall, medium and small objects to vary the height and create a triangle pattern. Here's a little factoid... the triangle is the most pleasing shape to the human eye.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Big Ideas for Small-Space Decorating

Small rooms don't need to skimp on decorating style. Here's how to turn small spaces into function-filled, style-forward rooms.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Laying Out Your Living Room Furniture Like a Pro

The living room is one of the most essential and frequently used spaces of the house, so it follows that making this venue the most enjoyable is well worth the time and effort. However, many don't know the basic principles of design to make the living room user-friendly. Read on to discover these interior design tricks that will make any space a pleasure in which to spend time.

Consider the Focal Point

Is the view outside the window a city skyline or a well-manicured front yard? The living room is an ideal setting from which to enjoy this scenery, so the furniture should be situated accordingly. Similarly, living rooms may be arranged as a venue for watching sports and movies with the family, in which case the layout should be conducive to these activities and pointed toward the television. Wherever the focal point of the room, designers recommend that seating should be arranged so one may view the focal point in the most comfortable way. For example, if guests will be enjoying looking outside, then the sofa should be positioned opposite the window to allow them ease of view without craning their necks. Use of the furniture must also be considered; if one plans to lie down on the couch to watch the tube, the television should be positioned perpendicular to the couch so one can look straight ahead.

Plan for Seating

Will the room be used to entertain guests frequently? Or is the living room primarily occupied by the family? Plan the seating around the number of expected visitors and who will most often be in the room. If the living room is small, sofas are an ideal option as they have the largest seating to size ratio, whereas chairs and loveseats take up more space in the room while offering relatively fewer spots for guests. When it's time to throw a party, the room will look like it was designed by a pro if ample seating is already incorporated into the room's design instead of having to awkwardly shuffle metal folding chairs out of the closet.

Look at the Traffic Pattern

No, this doesn't mean to think about the number of cars passing by. Rather, when planning where the furniture will be placed in the living room, consider where the doors are located and what rooms are adjacent to the living room. How will family members and guests be traversing the space? Be sure that one can easily maneuver from their seat to the bathroom or kitchen without tripping. Also, consider the size of the furniture before purchasing the piece. If shopping for a studio efficiency, perhaps a six-by-two-foot coffee table is not the most practical choice. In keeping with basic feng shui, guests should be able to walk seamlessly to the door as opposed to shuffling between a bookcase and floor lamp.

The principles of design are intuitive and serve to make living comfortable and enjoyable through useful and aesthetically pleasing furniture layout. Use these tips to get started, and house visitors will be amazed at what a pleasant experience they have in a well-designed space.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Guide To Dining Tables

The dining table not only serves as a place for your family and friends to gather and enjoy a meal, it's also a focal point of your home. For you to buy the right table you need to consider a number of factors:

Factors to consider when buying a dining table

Durability: No one wants a table that is going to collapse after only a short time. For your table to last for a long time you should go for one made from sturdy materials. If buying a wooden table, go for one made from a hardwood such as oak, teak, walnut, and mahogany. Other durable materials that you should go for are: metal and plywood.

Ease of transportation: If you are planning of moving houses, a heavy table will be cumbersome to carry around. To have an easy time moving the table from one apartment to another you should go for a table that is light and small. To make your work easier, go for a table with detachable legs. If you own a house thus not planning on moving from one place to another, you should go for a large, heavy table.

Look of the table: As mentioned above, the dining table is a focal point of your house; therefore, you should ensure that it complements your house. The table should have a shape, color, and design that complement your home.

Types of dining tables

There are many types of dining tables in the market that you can go for. Your options include:

Glass: Glass tables are ideal for small houses. For them to last for a long time you should go for those made from tempered safety glass. The cool thing with these units is that you can use them in different types of houses. To give them an interesting look, surround them with chairs and accents of different designs.

Wooden tables: They are the most common and you will find them in almost any house. They are loved by many people as they are durable and come in different in designs and sizes thus ideal for different types of houses.

Plywood: Plywood tables are lightweight but sturdy thus ideal for people living in apartments and those that are always on the move.


When buying a dining table, choose one that complements your home décor. You should also ensure that the table is of the right size. To buy a high-quality unit, buy from a reputable store.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Choose the Right Size Chandelier & How High to Hang It.

A chandelier is often the focal point in a dining room, so it's important to get a chandelier that not only works well with your decor, but is also the right size. Also hanging it at the appropriate height is important too. 

While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few guidelines that will help you determine the right size for your dining room chandelier.