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Planning Your Bedroom Style and Layout

Our bedrooms are not the places in our house that we show off to guests - we don't use them for hosting fine dinners or lively get togethers - but they deserve as much design attention as the other rooms. After all, more than just a place of relaxation and solace away from the bustle of the world outside, it's "the" space in the house that is just for you. If you are like most people, your bedroom is a place where you can shut the door, sit down or lie in bed and just generally enjoy a space that's calm, comfortable and private. We wrote this short guide to help you create your comfortable space where you can enjoy the personal luxury that everybody needs.

Furniture styles

We are starting of with furniture design styles, because once you know what look you are going for it becomes that much easier to visualise the look, and ultimately the feel, you want to create.

There are such a huge variety of furniture decor styles, that it's unlikely that you will run out of options, but it can be daunting to decipher which style will work best for you. A great starting point is to familiarise yourself with furniture design jargon and learn a little about each style in order to help you define and narrow down your search for the type of furniture you want. Modern, classic, rustic and contemporary are just some of the defined styles in furniture decor. You may even prefer to combine elements of several styles to create your own unique look. The ability to identify different interior design styles will provide a framework to personalise your bedroom to your individual taste.

Bedroom Furniture

Once you have the look nailed down, it's time to look at the functional elements, such as the furniture, that makes a bedroom your bedroom. When choosing furniture according to your taste, it's important to look at the quality and craftsmanship, as it is likely to stay part of the room when the paint colour and choice of curtains are long forgotten.

Begin with the bed. The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and is arguably the most important piece of furniture you will buy for the room.

Choose storage for your clothing and personal effects. Dressers, wardrobes or chests of drawers all provide excellent clothing storage.

Buy bedside tables. You will need something to hold your alarm clock, lamp, books, glasses and other items near your bed. Any small table will do. The important thing is that you like the look of it.

Think about what else you will do in your room. If you like to watch TV in your bedroom, you will need to furnish the bedroom with some kind of TV stand. You may also consider a workstation if you often work late at night or often need quick access to your equipment. Other furnishings can include a vanity, lounge chairs, floor lamps, plants or bookshelves.

Tip: Writing down everything you plan to do in your bedroom will help you to decide which pieces of furniture you need.


Space planning is most probably the trickiest part of decorating any room. If you want to really feel comfortable in your room, make sure that you have enough space to move around and that everything is accessible. Make sure that wardrobe doors and drawers can be easily opened without hitting the bed or other furniture. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, consider open shelving and beds with integrated storage. Leave a minimum of 100 cm in front of every door opening, 30 cm in front of windows and 45 cm walking space between furniture or furniture and walls. RoomSketcher is a nifty online sketching tool to that makes it easy to visualise the layout of your room.

Custom Made Furniture

What if you can't find the type of furniture that fits into your fantasy of a dream bedroom? More and more people are opting to have furniture made especially for them according to their own specifications. Custom furniture is a bit more expensive than store-bought pieces, but an individually made piece of furniture requires the kind of craftsmanship that ensures that it lasts longer than mass factory produced furniture. Custom furniture can also be considered when you want furniture that complements unique features of your house or if you need a special piece to compliment or complete an existing bedroom suite

As most modern living areas serve as through passage rooms that offers little opportunities for rest and quiet activities, the bedroom fulfills an important role as a private sanctuary. With that in mind, it's arguably the room in the house where the look, feel and layout will have the biggest impact on your well being. Proper planning will also help you to avoid underutilised space and unnecessary furniture while creating a bedroom that truly fits your needs.

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3 Decor Tips to Create a 'Fake Foyer' in a Small Entry Space

Decorator, Tamara Robbins Griffith teaches us the 3 S's, storage, surface, and sitting that will create a more functional foyer when having a small entry space.

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Sofa - An Essential Furniture Entity for Every Home

A comfortable sofa is a necessary item needed for every family, it might be for a family get together for a party or just to watch TV. Think for a minute can you watch your favorite television show with a comfortable sofa. Of course not possible, as an uncomfortable sofa might ruin the ease with its perturbing styling or seating. Although you have many choices to pick from the sofas yet buying a suitable couch or sofa is one great decision that you make with a great care.

How to buy a right sofa

There are people who buy furniture without considering the needed tips and this is the point where most of you make serious mistakes. It is a huge mistake because by doing so you might get a defective piece or an unsuitable sofa which is a total waste of your money. So if you want to avoid these things you might have to remember the below-mentioned points

The filling and the material of the sofa

The more comfortable your sofa, the money invested in better. There are some people who bargain the sofa material and its filling over its appearance, which is totally wrong. This is so because the filling speaks of its durability and quality. Although you have a large choice in the sofa filling material, but foam - filled are suitable over others as they are firm and does not cause any type of allergies.

The outer covering

The sofa is not just a piece of furniture, but also decoration ornament as well. This is why you must target its outer covering as well as its fabric. Also, remember the type sofa you are looking for, are you searching for a fabric or a leather sofa? A leather sofa is suitable if you are looking for hand wearing and traditional sofa and if you want a sofa whose cover can be removed and machine washable then fabric one is the best choice. In both leather and fabric, you have plenty of choices to choose, from color, style, and pattern.

The size and the shape

The shape and size of the sofa are also important before making your final thoughts on buying a sofa. The shape and size you prefer must be according to the area of the room so that it does not disturb the movement in the room. Choose irrespective of the size and style of the sofa is a big mistake that many commit when buying a sofa for their home or room which can also make it very congested. So remember not to make this mistake and also measure the size of the room including the window and door sizes before choosing the sofa.

In short, always place the sofa in the right way in your home to boost its decoration. Talk to a seller who deals furniture in your area to find out the right color, shape, and size suitable for a specific room size.

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Choosing The Right Furniture For The Living Room

Everyone loves to live in a house that is well furnished and decorated. However, decorating the living room can be one of the most tedious tasks at hand. Also, one thing that makes that task even more tedious is picking up the furniture.

So, in order to make things a bit easy for you, here are a few tips on how you can choose your living room furniture:

Measure up - The first thing that you need to do is get the measurements of the room correct in order to get the furniture of the perfect size. So make sure that you measure the length, breadth and the width of the walls carefully.

Creating floor plans - The next thing you must do is take a grid paper and make a floor plan. This will help you to decide how much space you can spare for the furniture and how much free space you have left in the room.

Measure your doorways - In order to avoid problems at the time of delivery, you must measure up your doorways and order only those items of furniture that can be easily moved in and out of the doorway.

Staging the room - Once you have decided how much space you want to allot to the furniture, you must mark those spaces with a tape in order to get an idea of what the room will look like in the near future.

Start your selection - Once you have done the things mentioned above, you must start making your purchase decisions. Thus, you must consider the kind of d├ęcor your room has and the vibe of your house. Once that is done, you must start picking out with the basic things like a sofa, an armchair, etc.

Pick up good quality pieces - Quality does come before quantity. So, even if some of the pieces do cost more, it is better to choose good quality products over flimsy ones as they tend to last longer. So, you must check the fabric of the sofa, chairs, etc. and buy the ones that have good quality.

Coordination is the key - In the end, you want your living room to look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, in order to ensure this, you must see that all the pieces of furniture that you purchase are coordinated with each other and go well with each other. You do not want one piece of furniture not going with another as it will tend to look awkward and disorderly. So, make sure that whatever pieces you buy, they gel with each other.

If you follow the above-given tips, you will end up having a beautiful living room of your own.

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Nate Berkus' 4 Hot Tips for Cool Home Design in 2018

Design trends come and go, but the classics are classic for a reason. If you're looking to breathe some new life into your nest, interior designer, author and TV personality Nate Berkus is sharing four tricks with Kristina Guerrero that will turn any home into a modern classic and be on trend for 2018.