Friday, December 18, 2015

Measuring a Room Is a Vital Step Prior to Purchasing New Furniture

Buying new furniture is an exciting endeavour and most of us are eager to get started as soon as we see the armchair or bed of our dreams. There is of course nothing wrong with being eager to add new furniture to a home but there are a few potential problems that can occur if a little prior planning is not taken into account.

One of the biggest problems faced by homeowners when they bring home a new item of furniture is the realisation that the expensive leather sofa they have purchased is too big for the living room interior. Either that or the sofa won't fit through the living room door. Whether it's the staircase, front door, back door, an unusual interior angle or the banister rails, there's usually going to be an aspect of the home that will be problematic for certain sized furniture pieces.

It is thus vitally important to take some measurements before beginning the furniture selection and purchasing process. The location which will need to be measured first is the room in which the furniture item is to be positioned. This can be done with a standard measuring tape and the help of a friend or family member to hold the other end.

In the case of smaller rooms, the measuring process is of particular importance. The selected area where the furniture piece will be situated needs to be measured meticulously as does the surrounding space. Factors to bear in mind include any foot and access space in relation to the furniture item. For example, a sofa will need space in front for feet to rest and a double bed will need plenty of access space either side and at the bottom.

The height of the furniture will also need to be thought about, especially when it comes to tall furniture pieces like cabinets, bookshelves and wardrobes. The ceiling height won't usually be a problem but it's worth checking the height nonetheless instead of finding a new oak wardrobe won't fit.

It's not just in the interior where the new furniture piece is to be located that needs to be measured. The access routes into the room and into the home itself need to be measured. When the sofa, dining table or wardrobe is being delivered, you don't want to find it won't fit through the front door. Measure the height and width of all the doorways through which the item will have to be carried as well as any narrow passage ways, garden gates and surrounding walls.

Measuring a room and the relating entrance ways won't take a great deal of time. Once you have the measurements completed, you can then compare them to the dimensions of the furniture piece in question, whether you're buying from a store in the high street or from the internet. Knowing all these details will help you picture the item of furniture in its final position and thus make choosing the right piece for your needs much easier.

Edward is a trained Interior Designer and has written thousands of guides and reviews related to interior d├ęcor, furniture and lighting. One of these guides illuminates home-owners on how and why to measure a room before purchasing furniture in a store or online.
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