Sunday, February 7, 2016

Choosing The Right Bedroom Furniture for Small Rooms

When you move into your first apartment or starter home or if you live in a large city and have only a studio to work with, buying bedroom furniture can be a monumental task. If you have a small space, the right size and even the right finish on your furniture can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. Here are things you should look for when shopping to avoid decorating mistakes with small spaces.

Multipurpose or Multifunction Furniture

Beds can be a great item and it can have multiple purposes in your space. For instance, many beds have features such as under-the-bed storage with pull out drawers. Some have high mattresses or box springs that allow storage space below them, and bunk beds often have desks or work space below. In small spaces, bedroom furniture needs to have just as much function as much as it does form.

Fool the Eye

Tricking the eye to see more space is essential in small rooms. The placement of furniture in the room is important in making it appear larger than it really is. Placing a bed against the longest wall of the room frees up floor space for use of a rug, which can draw the eye in and gives a more interesting focal point. Buying bedroom furniture such as a bed with a tall headboard creates the illusion that the room is taller, and therefore larger, than it appears. Light-colored finishes instead of dark wood stains are better for small rooms as well.

Size is Everything

When purchasing bedroom furniture, you should also keep in mind that buying bigger is not better. Even though the California king bed appeals to you, it would fill up your room and leave no room for other more interesting decor. Purchase with comfort in mind, but don't forsake style and your budget. A twin bed or queen may fit better and will allow room for nightstands, chairs and other items for function and style.

The bed is typically the focal point of the room, but items such as accent chairs, tables, chests, and dressers or vanities are essential to the livability of the room. In a small space, chairs can be a challenge, but a small accent chair can serve as a nice addition to the room, as well as provide a space other than the bed for sitting when dressing or relaxing. With chests of drawers in small spaces, taller is better. Although jewelry armoires are mainly intended for small items, they can also be used for clothing or lingerie in a small space. Taller chests of drawers are better because they take up less floor space. As for nightstands or tables, they are also essential pieces of bedroom furniture that can serve as places to put phones, alarm clocks, candles or other items required for comfort and use.

Although buying bedroom furniture can be expensive and time consuming, a professional sales team can assist you in meeting the needs of your budget and showing you the right pieces for small or large rooms. They can offer you the option of choosing from popular brands in a variety of finishes and sizes as well as decor items to complement your furniture.

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