Saturday, March 12, 2016

When To Splurge on High-End Furniture

Decorating a home is one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new space. New furnishings can also revitalize an old space. Unfortunately, completely redoing a room can often cost a small fortune. It would obviously be ideal to walk into expensive home d├ęcor stores and pick out everything you want, but for many of us, that's simply not a reality. Fortunately, you can still create a stylish space without spending tons of money. You simply need to know when to splurge on high end furniture and when to opt for less expensive pieces. Read on for some tips on which pieces are worth spending a little more on.


As the focal point and main seating area of your room, your sofa should come from a high-end furniture store. In your search for the perfect piece, look for high-quality materials like hardwood and hand-tied spring construction. Go for a classic style as opposed to something trendy, as you can reinvent your room multiple times with accessories and still keep the same sofa. Still not convinced that you should splurge? Keep in mind that a low-quality sofa could actually negatively affect your back health, and that a high-quality version lasts an average of 15 years longer than a lower-quality version.

Side Tables

You can probably save your money on side tables. You can buy them from virtually any store, as well as create DIY versions from various online tutorials and household materials. Side tables don't really see much wear and tear, so it's not incredibly important that they are high quality. Spending less money on these pieces of furniture also means that you can switch them out more frequently to change up the look of the room or to follow current interior design trends.


This is another area you should splurge on. Whether you're interested in hardwood or stone floors, they will be the foundation of your home and need to be high quality to survive the wear and tear they'll experience on a daily basis. You probably won't be replacing them that frequently, so it makes sense to invest in something that looks nice and will continue to do so over time.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are great items to save money on. You're constantly walking on them, spilling stuff on them, and generally abusing them, so don't spend a ton of money on expensive versions. No matter how much time you spend cleaning them, they'll still probably have to be replaced fairly frequently. You can find cheap rugs at most department and home stores, and they can even be made out of old carpet remnants. Save your hard-earned dollars for longer lasting pieces.

As a rule of thumb, invest in high-end furniture when you know that it's a piece that you'll be able to use for many years to come and that will physically hold up well. Save on trendier, smaller pieces that can easily be switched out when they start falling apart. Your home is sure to look great with a little creative spending!

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