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Questions to Ask Before Buying Furniture For Your Home

When buying furniture for your home there are certain questions you should ask yourself and the seller before coming to a decision - in fact before even leaving your home! One of the problems with furniture is that even cheaper items are still fairly high ticket, and you want to be sure that what you purchase is what you want. You are going to be using it for a long time! Here are some questions to ask yourself, some of which can be passed onto the furniture outlet.

1. What Furniture do I need?

Decide what you are looking for. Most people seeking new furniture have a good idea what they need. Perhaps you are replacing an old, worn out armchair or two, or need a new sofa. Maybe you need new bedroom furniture for the kids, or your elderly aunt must have a lift chair when she visits. Know what you want and buy only that.

Do not allow your head to be turned by that fabulous leather sectional with all the bells and whistles you do not really need. Don't walk away with a fancy sofa bed if what you really needed were two armchairs and a coffee table. Also decide how much you want to spend.

2. What is my Budget?

There is furniture available for every pocket. You can spend as much on one single fully functional motion lift chair as on an entire sectional arrangement, so it is important to set yourself a budget. If price is not an issue with you, then you can skip this one, but most people cannot afford a blank check!

Make up your mind in advance how much you intend spending, and what you expect to get for that money. It's like going into a candy store with 10 dollars, only intending to spend five but not being sure what you want. You are pretty well certain to spend all $10 unless you have decided what you want in advance, and how much you intend to spend.

3. What Style and What Upholstery do I Need?

You will save a great deal of time if you know whether you want leather or fabric upholstery. Whether you want a round or a rectangular table. Whether you want a queen or a king bed. If you decide all of this in advance you will be in a better position to buy what you need, rather than what looks nice! Furniture showrooms are full of nice stuff displayed to persuade you to buy.

Make sure you know the color, or at least the predominant color of your furniture upholstery. Is light or dark wood preferable for your décor? Do you want black leather or white or how about red, or should you just stick to the traditional brown? It's too late to think about that in the store - your own home is the best place to make that decision.

4. What is the Quality?

There is a lot of cheap furniture around, and it can be very tempting to choose a $500 sofa over an equivalent in looks at $1,000. However, it is false economy if one is going to last only two years and the other last 10 years! Ask about quality and check out its construction. Look at chest drawers - the front back and sides should be jointed using dovetail joints. Check out the frame - is it screwed and glued or properly constructed with mortise and tenon joints?

Feel the fabric- is it thin or thick? Check the weave of fabrics by pulling at it - if the threads open up then it has been loosely woven and will rapidly wear. Ask if it is stain proof, and make sure it is fire retardant.

5. Will My New Furniture Fit my Home?

First off, can you get it through your door? Not all furniture fits all external or internal doors. Take measurements with you to the furniture showroom, and make sure that large sleeper sofa you have your eye on will actually get into the room you intend using it.

Also make sure you have the space in your room for all the furniture you are purchasing. A sectional arrangement might look fantastic in a showroom, but can you fit it all into your living room? Can you get these five pieces that make up your bedroom set actually into your bedroom? You would be surprised by the number of people who purchase furniture, and then find it cannot get into their home when it is delivered.

By satisfying yourself with above questions, you should be able to purchase furniture for your home without worrying about quality and value for money. The most expensive is not always the best, and the cheapest not always the poorest. Make sure of the above before entering furniture store.

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