Monday, October 2, 2017

Interior Decorating Tips with Cool Color Scheme

Try decorating a room using the cool colors as a room's color scheme. Choose one hue to be the dominant color for cohesiveness. Use the color on walls, in the rugs and throw pillows. Take the chill off of cool colors by adding in warm undertones. Use white as a crisp neutral. Including patters will help carry the color scheme. Find a print that showcases all the colors in the scheme. Play with different color combinations from the cool side of the color wheel to create a room that gives a calm vibe, mix in a crisp neutral and a few hints of warm hues, and you'll create the room color combination.

Choosing colors from the warm side of the color wheel -- from sunny yellows to vibrant oranges to rich reds and pinks -- gives the room a feeling of a welcoming embrace. To get a look that's comfortable, use muted colors as a base. Balance the dark colors with bright colors is key for creating a dynamic space. Look for opportunities to use patterns containing both of your main colors. Fuse the colors by using doses of them in combinations -- by mixing the two main colors together. Balance warms colors with touches of cool accents. Look to different hues to start the scheme, add in a few cooling accents and muted neutrals, and you'll create a room that's sure to project vibrancy and warmth.

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