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Before You Begin Shopping for Your New Home Furnishings, Make a Plan

Whether you are planning to initiate a new look or redo some choices of your home decor, the first thing you need to do is "Make a plan."

You have probably heard the old saying that any job, any project is 90 to 95 percent thinking and planning and 5 to 10 percent of actual execution. So it should be that your beginning action with furnishing or renewing the furnishing of your home is in the planning stage. Make a good plan.

Number one on your list will be to measure and catalog the room you want to begin with so that you will really know dimensions and the space available you want to furnish. If your plan is to add items to a room you will definitely benefit from a detailed layout of all the items already in that room and the space available for anything more.

You might be thinking about the theme for your decor and you may be looking at various furnishing items with the thought that this one or that one would be just what you need in your living room, dining room, bedroom or any room you are planning to furnish.

While those ideas are good to keep in mind, the first you need to know just what space is available before you decide just which item or items will fit your theme/decor ideas.

Let's start a plan with the living room. I would suggest that your first action is to draw a diagram of that room on a plain piece of paper, making the notation of the length of each wall, the locations of windows and door and any other opening to the room such as archways, hallways or openings to another room, etc.

You will need to know the measurements when you begin to plan your furnishings. For instance, you would not want to purchase an overstuffed couch and ottoman that might be something you love to look at and would love to snuggle into if it would impede the flow in and out of the room. Sometimes the furnishings you really crave are the ones you need to avoid and find a substitute that will more efficiently and graciously fit into the size and character of your room.

So your next action is to find the sizes and types of furnishings you would like to include in this room. If you have some home furnishings magazines you might take one of them and look for an item that is similar to the one you are interested in adding to the room. If your magazine is old you might cut out a picture or two that is like that item of furniture you have been considering. Don't forget you will need to make a notation of the true size of any item or items you are considering.

Once you have found an item and want to see how it will fit in the diagram you created of your living room you need only to place it where you think it would be perfect. You will be able to tell in an instant if it is the right size for the wall behind it, or if it would look better in another location. You would also be able to know if it is really the right piece of furniture for your room.

Even if you do not find a picture of a furnishing item in a catalog, you could try online, or just take paper and cut the dimensions and label it with "Couch" "Chair" or whatever you are considering.

You may think this is time-consuming and perhaps you will consider it boring, but the time you spend making sure the furnishings items you would like to place in this room and will allow your room to look and feel the way you want it to, will save you so much grief.

If you skip this step and just decide to make a purchase of something you like that may be the wrong size or character for your desired theme or challenges the limits of the use of your room you will struggle to find a way to make it work, and you will be disappointed in the result. So take the time to make an outline of the room, check what furnishings will fit and eliminate those that are just not right and you will be glad the more time you take with this "plan".

Once you have placed the various furnishings around and found just the right spot for each then you can begin to consider the colors of your chairs and/or futons or couches, you can also consider the accent pieces you will want to incorporate into your design theme to create that ambiance you desire.

There are endless possibilities with furniture choices and accent pieces, those choices will be the fun part, but they will take planning also so that each piece will complement the surroundings and not clash with your other furnishings and you will want any new additions to compliment the other pieces in the room.

Begin with the plan, an outline of the room and then enjoy finding and choosing the actual furnishing you would like to add to create your design theme.

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