Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Arrange Furniture around Fireplace & TV | Interior Design

In a lot of homes, there are a lot of fireplaces or the TV is the focal point. Because at the end of the day you want to relax, and watching the TV is just what more a modern family is looking at. Even if you don't have a TV, fireplace's are really big, especially in North America where you get that cooler climate.

So when you have furniture that is focused on those area's, you really don't want it to feel like it's just stacked and it's an audience just staring at the TV. You still want it to feel like it's a cohesive sitting arrangement that people can have a conversation, as well as either watching the TV or focusing on the fireplace.

So remember not to hold your furniture hostage. It doesn't need to be all against the wall to make it feel interesting. Bring it into the room a little bit. Maybe flank the TV or the fireplace with either a chair on the other side or you can do stools on either side. I love a nice stool with a throw over it in front of a fireplace.

What's great about that is that they're low enough, that if you even have a TV over the fireplace, it doesn't get in the way of the sight line when people are watching TV, and you're having a conversation. But at the same time, it doesn't feel like it's just a sofa or a sectional staring at that focal point.

So just remember that when you're doing all of these different components and you're adding them in front of the TV or the fireplace, that you want to create a conversation zone, as well as looking at your focal point.

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